OMG!!! Is everybody in one piece out there?? For those of you who don’t get to live in New York, we had the craziest  week ever! First an earthquake, then a super scary hurricane. I’m still a little shaken up, this was like Brooklyn’s 9/11 – power outages, trees down, giant puddles, you name it!
We were actually super lucky at the Panda-shelter, because we didn’t lose electricity even once. But beforehand, to be safe, we stocked up on almost $300 worth of canned goods. We had been watching Shepherd Smith pretty much non-stop (BTW, does that guy ever sleep?! :-) ), and he told us we should be prepared. When the News people get scared, you know it’s serious, so we got over to Target ASAP! We must have lugged home like literally two tons of Spaghetti-Os, Oscar Meyer Lunchables, Hot Pockets, and Capri-Sun juice boxes. Of course we didn’t end up needing to use them, so I then spent half this morning dragging everything down to the dumpster down the street. But I’m glad we had these just in case – better safe than sorry, right?
And you know what you guys, you should still be extra careful! You know how I told you that bad things come in three? Well, now we have to wait to see what’s next. My guess is that it might be an attack by lightning bugs, but Mr. Panda is betting that it will be something racial. What do you all think it will be?


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