Oh wow, I totally got to run (my pap smear is in like 10 minutes, and I didn’t even shave yet!), but I wanted to share a hilarious thing with you. Me and Mr. Panda were out last night at a local bar, and of course we’re always hungry little Pandas so we ordered some buffalo wings. Then this guy next to us said, “I didn’t know buffaloes had wings!”

I totally LOLed. And I knew you would too, so just had to share. Anywho, will be back with some good posts soon, I promise!

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2 Responses to Humor time!

  1. Liverans says:

    Mr. Inside the Box totally LOLed at this!

  2. G-d here! says:

    Id remembered if i “loled” bout this oh well maybe tequila made me forget but it was funny and i wanna see more of miss pandas take out blog of Nyc!

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