There are just so many wonderful reasons to love New York City, but one of the top things is its diversity! Now I know why they put the United Nations here, because all the nations really do unite here – I mean, walk down the street and you’ll see everybody from Eskimos to Czechoslovakians, all getting along and sharing a smile. But one of the major and infamous groups that makes up this mix are the Jews, or Jewish people. Travelling through the city, you really can’t escape their influence: herds of rabbis rushing through the diamond district, Jerry Seinfeld’s diner, and, of course, the famous bagel!

Ahh, the heavenly and circular bagel. This Hebrew doughnut was invented by Jewish immigrants to New York who needed a way to make sure their sandwiches stayed kosher. But since then, the simple bagel  has burst out of its Hebraic ghetto to become a popular snack-time “nosh” throughout much of our country.

Last week, on my way to my monthly pap smear (living in the city and in this era of e. coli and swine flu, you can never be too safe), I found myself strolling by a bagel shop. Now that I’m becoming a native New Yorker, I thought I simply must  partake in one of these quintessential NYC meals. So, in honor of this city where you can find everything, I ordered an “everything” bagel. And in honor of my recent strawberry harvesting adventures, I ordered it with a “shmear” of strawberry cream cheese. The verdict? As the hipsters say, OMG! So so delicious, it was chewy, but also soft, and just so satisfying! I almost decided to skip the pap smear and go straight for a circumcision so I could become Jewish. But only kidding! The great thing about these delicacies is you don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy them.

So next time you’re feeling a bit hungry, why not “nosh” on a “shmear!”

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One Response to From Pap Smear to Bagel Shmear

  1. Yom Shi Shi says:

    Strawberry Cream Cheese!!!? It’s a shonda. And on an everything bagel, no less. The next thing you know they’ll make blueberry bagels. Stick to your bamboo shoot eating religion and leave us matzak ball soup mavens to our repasts.

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