You guys have noticed by now that your hostess sure has a lot of opinions! Back in Florida, I was known as the Agony Aunt of Jacksonville, because friends and relations would always come to the Panda Plantation seeking advice. It seemed like every week there was a new question I was expected to answer: ‘How do you remove afterbirth stains from an ironing board?’ ‘How long after being tasered does my stepfather-in-law have to wait before riding the mechanical bull?’ ‘How do you reprimand a tardy gardener who doesn’t speak English?’ etc…

And now that I’ve become one of the Big Apple’s foodbloggers, people are seeking out my food and cooking advice! And what they’ve been asking mostly is: “what should I do with my CSA?” At first I told them to just set their DVR, but beyond that don’t ask me! I’m a real technophobe and can’t even program my smoke detector, no less a fancy DVR recording machine! And anyways, in the Panda house we pretty much only watch Glee, Big Brother, The Voice, Hoda Kotb, Pregnant in Heels, Pat Kiernan, Marlins baseball, Celebrity Rehab and the Food Network (I mean if you lived in New York City would you be spending your time in front of the television? I didn’t think so!). And those police-cop shows are just a little too gritty for me.

But you know what I found out? CSA isn’t really a TV show, but  is actually an acronym! It means Community Supported Agriculture. I know what you’re thinking – looking at those words reminds you of taking the SATs again! But even though it looks confusing, it’s actually a very simple concept. A CSA is a local farm that grows their very own food and then delivers it every week to your door. That sounded Pandalicious to me so I just had to sign up. But that’s when I discovered the first piece of bad news: Apparently every other New Yorker and their Pilates teacher have already signed up, and all the spots are already sold out! If you are interested I suggest setting your alarm for 7 am on New Year’s Day to make sure you get a spot for next year.

And then there was the second piece of bad news: the price! It was like $500! When I read that I almost spit out my Gorilla Munch all over my InStyle magazine. I mean, for that price I could buy a kimono!  And I can also just go to my local Associated Supermarket and get a pound of eggplants for a dollar and a box of raspberries for like $2. (Maybe I should start my own CSA – Community Supported Associated – get it?) But I guess this CSA produce must be pretty tasty if it costs that much.

So, to my friends who need advice with what to do with their CSA? Buy a Porsche! You obviously can afford it. And then make a salad.


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  1. I had the same shocked reaction when i looked into CSA’s in Brooklyn this year. New York Prices = SUPER LAME!

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