Wow, I’m really doing it, joining the internet with my first post! I guess I’ll begin with a little foodie adventure I went on this past week.

So, can you feel that? That’s right, it’s summertime and summer’s in the air! Definitely one of my favorite seasons, because the weather gets so nice, and farms decide to start growing their delicious bounties. And even though my neighborhood has been sunny and warm, I’m a New Yorker now, and what do New Yorkers do on summer weekends? That’s right, head to the Hamptons! So, me and Mr. Panda decided to load up the Yaris and drive east.

Well, we didn’t actually go to the Hamptons, but we did go out to Long Island, which is right next door. Our destination? To welcome in the summer season by going strawberry picking. We found a farm way out on Long Island that lets you go out in their fields and pick as many strawberries as you could handle. Because we were basically in the Hamptons, I kept expecting to bump into Puff Daddy or Elton John or something, but no luck, they probably have their butlers ship in strawberries from New Zealand or somewhere. All we saw instead were families of Asians. But who cares, it was still fun! We got to hang out in the great outdoors, which as New Yorkers we don’t always get to do. And we kept joking around and pretending to speak in Spanish, because usually it’s Mexicans who get paid to pick the fruits. Except, we weren’t getting paid for this, we actually had to pay to do this!


Anyways, we ended up shlepping (see? I’m already learning to speak New Yorkerish!) quarts and quarts of strawberries back home. Then I had to figure out what to do with all these berries. I looked online, and the Wikipedia web site says that strawberries aren’t even really berries! This reminds me of the whole controversy of whether tomatoes are really fruits or vegetables, and I just don’t even want to go there. First I thought of making a strawberry-rhubarb pie, something you might have heard of, but this farm didn’t let you pick any rhubarb (I don’t even know if they grow that in the Hamptons). So, instead, I tried something very simple. First you wash off the strawberries, because they were growing in the dirt, then just slice them up. Then I put them on a bowl of Gorilla Munch cereal. So simple, and so delicious! Of course we still had tons and tons of berries left, so we ended up just throwing them away. But now I am excited to try picking some more fruit this summer, and experimenting with cool summer recipes. If you are looking for a fun outing, I would totally recommend getting out and finding a farm that lets you pick your own food. Be a farmer for a day!


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  1. Batya says:

    Pandas and pancakes? More like stolen from SparrowsandSpatulas :) Good luck with your blog–and escape pocket.

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